John Packer Bb Bastuba JP379BSterling 3/4 Model - Uitvoering: Goudlak

Productcode: JP379BSterling

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5049,00 euro

Specification - JP379B Sterling
• BBb Rotary Valve Tuba
• Sterling design
• 3/4 size
• 4 rotary valves
• High grade 80:20 brass
• Carriage rings
• Lyre box

The JP379B Sterling Bb Tuba is much like its larger brother, the JP379BB Sterling BBb Tuba, but slightly smaller at 3/4 size rather than a full 4/4. Still benefiting from the high specification of John Packer's flagship line of rotary valve tubas, the JP379B Sterling Bb Tuba has been designed and manufactured in close collaboration with Paul Riggett of Sterling Brass. Widely respected as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of brass instruments in the UK, Paul previously worked as a production manager at Boosey & Hawkes before creating Sterling brass in 1987. The JP379B Sterling Bb Tuba incorporates an exclusively designed trademark Sterling leadpipe. The JP Sterling range of tubas represents a fusion of professional level Sterling components and design with the affordability and durability normally associated with the JP brand.

Constructed from high grade 80:20 brass, the JP379B features 4 inline rotary valves, is of a 3/4 size and features carriage rings and a lyre box.

The JP379B is supplied with a mouthpiece and comes with a lightweight case. The case includes hard wheels and an ergonomic pull strap and handle and features a large storage pocket for sheet music and small accessories. Internally, there are also several compartments for small accessories.

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