John Packer Bb Bastuba JP378SSterling - Uitvoering: Verzilverd

Productcode: JP378SterlingS

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7695,00 euro

* BBb 3+1 ventielen compenserende tuba

Volledig ontworpen door Paul Rigget van STERLING Brass, gemaakt in 80:20 High Grad Brass, boring 0.730', 19' klankbeker.
Geleverd in Winter case met wielen.

Midrange geprijsde tuba met kwaliteiten die je enkel bij topinstrumeten kan terugvinden!

JP378 Sterling BBb Tuba 'a rare pleasure' Review by Gordon Eddison

'It was a rare pleasure to meet up with a new BBb on the market. Especially one that blew so well straight away. The new JP378 Sterling in lacquer came straight out of the wrapper and felt right, the fourth valve was sensibly placed and the playing position didn't tug at my dodgy back either. I was curious to see it had a tapered lead pipe that fed into a valve block that was very well laid out and used straight through piping where possible. It looked well made with a decent finish. So far, so good then. It got better when I gave it a decent blow in all registers and on full volume it didn't break up and produced one of the nicest tones I have heard for quite a while. Played quietly, it was a really nice blow. It was in tune also – without messing with the first valve slide “a la Sovereign”. I was pleased that the stays and construction were beefed up, apparently taking account of having a hard life in front of it. It came in a robust, wheeled hard case, which had decent sized wheels and had good fittings inside (including a music compartment). Only criticism were the rather strong valve springs fitted to this one. The valves didn't look as though they needed them this strong, sure they will wear in but I would try weaker ones. Would I like one? Yes. Would I swap a Sovereign for one? Probably yes, especially considering this would cost me nearly a new euphonium short of the Sovereign. It seems another collaboration with quality instrument makers Sterling has produced the goods. I would happily take one anywhere and would expect it to match well with any other bass out there.' Gordon Eddison Ex Imps, Hammonds, YBS, and Carlton Main.

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